$PUSSIES Vesting


$PUSSIES contract address: 0xbe1542e3fCAaFc474e9850C4526468f5c974A13F

Token Utilities

$PUSSIES may be used to purchase Mystery Boxes or trade NFTs on the marketplace. Furthermore, the cost of reactivating the NFT utility use case can also be paid using $PUSSIES, or you may use them to tip your favorite girl.

Vesting period

There is a 30-month vesting period with linear unlock for every significant wallet. Treasury tokens that are unlocked are going directly to the Burn address. Depending on the project's growth, this can be switched to the Marketing wallet!

Burning mechanisms

The tokens that are used for purchasing Mystery boxes and recharging NFTs are directly burned. As well as the released tokens from the Treasury Vesting Wallet. This results in a reduction of $PUSSIES total supply on a daily basis.

Deflationary Tokenomics

The $PUSSIES tokenomics is designed to suit project needs, but also to be sustainable and deflationary. Thanks to the burn mechanisms from purchases, tokenomics will be deflationary. Each day, there are fewer tokens available.

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