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Last Updated on 29th of May 2022

This sales process (hereinafter the „Sales process") apply to every user of the NFT website and all its affiliates (“Website“) created by the by NFT PUSSIES Holding ltd. , a company existing under the Laws of GB with company registration no. 12932496 and having its registered office at Hesters Way Community Resource Centre, Cassin Drive, Cheltenham, England, GL51 7SU (the "C/company"). The whole Sales process is subject to the Terms and Conditions which are available on the Website.

Sales Process:

Creators - The Website acts as a service provider for Creators to distribute Media and mint Content, and to market and monetize that Media and Content to Users.

Creators may provide to Users chat or messaging services, or other goods or services, not facilitated by distributed ledger technology directly, otherwise known as “Media”. Additionally, Creators may provide cryptographically secured, enabled, or distributed Content, which takes the form of a resellable digital asset, such as non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as “Content”. “Media” and “Content” are sold by the Creator and available for purchase by Users. The Website is not a party to the sale, but merely acts to facilitate the transaction by bringing together Creators and Users. Sales are subject to contract between Creator and User, unless otherwise agreed, by the parties to the sale.

Users - We act as a service provider for users to browse, locate, view, and bid on, or purchase, Media and Content. We act as a marketplace and platform service provider for the marketing and monetization of these third-party or direct-to-consumer services, including the resale, trading, collecting, listing, enjoyment and use of Crypto Content between all users.

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